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Informationen about the Flashmob Time Location:

Tuvalu is a cluster of islands in the South West Pacific between the Gilbert Islands in the north, which belong to Ciribati, and the Fiji Islands in the south.
  • Continent: Australasia
  • Official Name: Tuvalu. The original meaning of the name is the “eight side by side”, even though there are nine atoll that make up the country. The smallest atoll – Niulakita – is not included in the official name, as it was first populated in 1949.
  • Political System: Constitutional monarchy, ruled by the British monarchy. The government in Tuvalu is made up of an “assembly” of 12 representatives from the islands.
  • Head of State: Prime Minister (Faimalaga Luka since 1998)
  • Size: 25 km²
  • Coast: 24 km
  • Structure: 9 atolls
  • Capital city: Vaiaku (Funafuti)
  • Membership of International Organisations: UN
  • Official Language: Tuvalese, English
  • State Religion: none
  • Currency: 1 Australian Dollar (AUD) = 100 Cents
  • Population: 11,000
  • Ethnic Composition of Population: Tuvalun 91.2%; mixed Polynesian/Micronesian/other 7.2%; European 1.0%; other 0.6%
  • Largest City: Fongafale 4,000
  • International Reference: TUV (International top level domain: tv)
  • National Day: 1st October (day independence was gained from Great Britain in 1978)
  • Geographically Situated: 173º O - 180º O / 13º S - 3º S
  • Climate: The predominant south easterly winds cool the damp, tropical climate by a few degrees. The annual rain fall is high, but regular and long lasting dry periods in the past nearly led to depopulation.
  • Flora/Fauna: The sandy soil is pretty infertile, which means only coconut palms and similar plants can survive there. The animal kingdom is predominantly made up of Polynesian rats, lizards and sea-birds. There are plenty of fish in the sea!
  • Time Zone: CET (Central European Time) + 11.0 Hours; CEST (Central European Summer Time) + 10.0 Hours
  • Birth Rate per 1,000 People: 23 (World Average: 25.0)
  • Death Rate per 1,000 People: 9 (World Average: 9.3)
  • Average Annual Salary per Inhabitant: $1,530.00 (US)
  • Most Important Import Goods: Food, Machinery, Vehicles, Fuel
  • Most Important Export Goods: Copra, Fish and Fish Products, Postage Stamps
  • Resources: Copra, Fish

Source: www.erdkunde-online.de